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CITEL recognizes Inter American Proposal for contiguous 60 meters Amateur Radio band

Photo 1: Plenary of CITEL CCP-II in Merida, Mexico (GDE/LABRE)

CITEL, the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission of OAS, Organization of American States, approved on XXIV Permanent Consultative Committee II: Radiocommunications (PCC.II), happened in October, 2014 in the city of Merida, Mexico, an Inter-American proposal (IAP) for contiguous 60 m Amateur Radio band from 5275 to 5450 kHz, in secondary status.

Following the proposal a footnote stressed that: "National administrations can adopt additional constrains to provide further compatibility with existed services".

The initial Preliminary Proposal was suggested by the Spectrum Defense and Management Working Group (GDE in Portuguese) of LABRE, the Brazilian national amateur radio association. It was presented and approved in the Brazilian Communications Commissions (CBC in Portuguese), coordinated by Anatel, the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency.

Photo 2: Part of the Brazilian Delegation at Working Group 2. From left to right: Gustavo Erivan Bezerrra Lima (DCEA), Flávio A. B. Archangelo (LABRE), André Felipe Trindade (ABRA), Geandro Luiz de Mattos (DECEA) e Luiz Fernando de Souza (Embraer). (GDE/LABRE)

The Preliminary Proposal was officially presented by the Brazilian Delegation at CCP-II during the meeting of the Working Group 2 (Amateur, Aero, Maritime and Radiolocation Services) and received supports from Argentina, Uruguay, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, obtaining the minimum composition of 6 countries to form an IAP, the Inter American Proposal.

The high value of an IAP is the power to represent the entire American continent on this subject at WRC-15.

Several American countries were also been contacted for exchange informations to turn in future supporters during the next meetings of CITEL, that will be happen at Colombia and Canada.

Photo 3: One of the daily meetings made by the Brazilian Delegation at CITEL. The team was coordinated by Tarcisio Bakaus (Anatel). (GDE/LABRE)

LABRE/GDE was integrated to the Brazilian Delegation in the same way that ARRL (the US national amateur radio association) also join the US Delegation. LABRE and ARRL were the only two national amateur radio associations at this CCP-II of CITEL.

IARU, the International Amateur Radio Union, also defended the IAP and was at the event as International/Regional Institution, represented by Mr. Jose Arturo Molina, YS1MS.

Brazil will come again to internally discuss the WRC-15 agenda items next day 21 at Anatel/CBC in Brasilia.

GDE/LABRE, October 10, 2014
Updated in October, 11, 2014

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