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Brazilian action against illegal air sports VHF radio communications

Anatel (Brazilian Telecommunications Agency) promoted in the beginning of April 2014 a successful action against intruders of 2 meters band.

Federal agents visit a launching hill in the city of Caraguatatuba, located in the northern shore of the State of Sao Paulo, and they detected illegal aeronautical mobile communications on VHF 2 meters amateur radio band (144-148 MHz) done by air sports pilots and alike (Handglider, Paraglider, etc). Several HTs were retained by the agents and the pilots will respond to a process due the conduction of unauthorized radio communications and use of uncertified radio

In a LABRE article (the Brazilian national amateur radio association), Anatel oriented the practitioners of the air sports to promote their communications on more appropriated telecommunications service and their respective frequencies, like Limited Service or Aeronautical Mobile Service. New actions of Anatel on other similar locations were not discarded.

GDE/LABRE, 14 de junho de 2014

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