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LABRE meets the Minister of Communications and broadcast associations
to empower EMC rules in Brazil
Photo 1: Meeting with Brazilian government at Minicom, Brasília.
(Photo: Herivelto Batista/Minicom

The Brazilian national amateur radio society LABRE (Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Rádio Emissão) made two important meetings in Brasilia, January 18th, 2012, to discuss administrative affairs and EMC (electromagnetic compatibilities).

The first meeting involved broadcaster´s organizations like SET (Sociedade de Engenharia de Televisão e Telecomunicações), represented by Eng. Ronald Barbosa and ABERT (Associação Brasileira de Emissoras de Rádio e Televisão), represented by Eng. Monique Cruvinel. Since both sectors (amateur radio and broadcast) have near band allocations and receive similar radio noise, they planned strategies to defend their spectrum together.

Photo 2: Atilano de Oms Sobrinho (PY5EG), former LABRE president, and the Minister of Communications, Paulo Bernardo da Silva (on right). (Photo: Herivelto Batista/Minicom).
The second meeting considered the governmental framework with ANATEL (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações), represented by the Superintendent Eng. Bruno Carvalho Ramos and Minicom (Ministério das Comunicações), represented by the Minister of Communications, Mr. Paulo Bernardo da Silva. Mostly of the meeting was related to administrative subjects: IARP licensees, local licensees renews, special calls, IT operational mistakes and bureaucracy, corrections on amateur radio legislation and generalizations caused by the general telecommunications law, but the team also discussed about EMC national laws.
Photo 3: Meeting with broadcast sector at LABRE in Brasilia. From left to right: Atilano Sobrinho (PY5EG), Gustavo Franco (PT2ADM), Orlando Filho (PT2OP), Monique Cruvinel (ABERT), Flávio Archangelo (PY2ZX), Ronald Barbosa (SET). (Photo: LABRE)

ANATEL and LABRE will joining a working group to solve some of these problems and write a new national amateur radio rule. LABRE will ask to be a member of GPRI, a permanent radio interference group held by ANATEL to study adn expose the interference cases. LABRE defends compulsory laws to reduce the emissivity of electro-electronics, light systems and to reinforce EMC measurments on certifications process. That subject was highlighted on specialized telecommunication’s media that covered the meeting. (news1 - news2 - news3)

IARU (International Amateur Radio Union) and their national organizations (like LABRE) for long time battle for a healthy spectrum, susteain an useful environment able to fully development the amateur radio service, including low power long distance communications. One of the most important cases of amateur radio EMC concerns with juridical and technical consequences is related to PLC/PLT/BPL noise. IARU also organized a traditional and voluntary world wide monitoring team to identify specific intruders on amateur radio bands, the IARU Monitoring System.

Photo 4: Another view of the meeting with Brazilian government at Minicom headquarters in Brasília.
(Photo: Herivelto Batista/Minicom
LABRE was represented on the meetings by Atilano de Oms Sobrinho (PY5EG, head of Araucaria DX Group and former president of LABRE), Gustavo de Faria Franco (PT2ADM, president of LABRE), Orlando Perez Filho (PT2OP, president of LABRE-DF), Fred Calim de Carvalho (PY2XB) and Flávio A. B. Archangelo (PY2ZX).
LABRE Release 2012-01-EE
January, 29; 2012.

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